Hive products

There are many hive products that can be produced by beekeepers, alongside the obvious one of honey.


The Honey (England) Regulations 2015 came into force on 24th June 2015, making the BBKA Leaflet L010 obsolete. The wording of the regulations is clear, therefore to avoid repetition and reprint costs if future changes are made, the decision was taken by the BBKA to withdraw Leaflet L010, both in hard copy and the downloadable version from the BBKA website.

The regulations can be accessed at
The range of hive products

In this Bee Craft hangout, kindly provided by the magazine, you can find out more about the range of hive products:

And another hangout from Beecraft, this time on all you need to know about honey:

2 thoughts on “Hive products

  1. Philip

    Hi there, I am Peterborough based and looking to obtain some raw honey, I was told we had a beekeepers association that I might be able to ask but this is the only place so far as I have found to ask, is this the right place / would I be able to do that through your organisation?



    1. admin Post author

      Hi Philip, and of course. Where in Peterborough are you? If you are to the north side then Moor Farm has my honey. If that isn’t convenient then someone else on the Peterborough Beekeepers Association Committee should know of someone closer to you. Good luck and let me know if you run out of luck, David


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