Items For Sale / Wanted

 For Sale
  1.    20/1/2022  –   Rarely used and surplus to current requirements, a Market Stall with awning and sales area. Approx 6 feet long and stands 6 feet high. Tubular construction. Apply R. Davies or any committee member. Price negotiable.
  2.   28/2/2022   –   Beekeeper has hives with bees to sell. Sensible prices. 01780 751981.
  3.   03/5/2022   –   Honey bees in National hives for sale. Varroa treated with Apivar in autumn 2021. Each pre-used National hive consists of: Solid floor, brood box, Queen excluder, two supers, crown board, and roof. 3 hives available, Price: reasonable offers entertained, for collection by the buyer at weekends only from near Ely. Enquires to Zoe,
  4.   31/5/2022  –  I have a couple of 6 frame nucleus colonies for sale if there’s anyone in the association is interested. On 14×12 sized frames from my 6yrs + treatment free stock – prolific layers, one has a v placid temperament (new queen yet to be found & marked) the other is average (white marked – last years stock). from Vicky Darville.  01354  657246 or on members Facebook page.