In the apiary



The time of year has come round again when beekeepers can breathe a sigh of relief that the hectic work and worry of a beekeeping season has ended and they can snatch a breath before beginning to prepare for next year’s endeavours. The bees should all be safe and snug in wind-proof and damp-proof hives with mouse guards firmly in place and roofs searched for those huge spiders and queen wasps which so like to overwinter there.

Now is the time to do any repairs or to make or put together any new hives or supers next season’s plans will demand. Applying a coat of preservative to stored woodwork is one way of avoiding some of the Christmas chores. A couple of coats might even be needed!

Be careful how and where you store combs as wax moth grubs still like to nibble and there are few things worse in beekeeping than finding your carefully preserved drawn foundation combs have become a playground over the winter and all need replacing. If you need to put foundation into new or clean frames it is better to wait until early spring when the fresh smell of new wax will be sure to delight your bees.

With fetes and Christmas fairs around it gives us the opportunity to promote our craft by selling candles and the assorted honeys we have produced – if you have not already sold out.

Don’t forget the Members Show and AGM on Saturday January 19h  2019  at The Christie Hall, Wansford. Entry forms, the Agenda and last year’s AGM minutes have been sent out with the latest newsletter.

Have a good Christmas.