Got a swarm?

Swarms on branches

Honey bee swarms are usually produced during the spring and summer – they are the natural way a colony of bees divides itself as it searches for a new home. A swarm of honey bees should not be confused with a wasp’s nest!

We do get a lot of calls which turn out to be bumblebee, tree bees, wasps or even hornets which unfortunately as beekeepers we can’t help with.

So it is useful to check this helpful guide ( About a swarm ) before calling us.

Swarms may vary considerably in size and may take temporary refuge in a bush or hedge, on a fence, or on a patio table.

Swarms comprise bees which have full honey stomachs so, theoretically, they should be physically incapable of stinging you.

If you find a honeybee swarm, contact Richard Davies (01733 349829) and we will arrange to remove and rehome them in one of our members’ hives. Do NOT try to move them yourself, either by hand or by spraying them with liquid or throwing objects at them.