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Ulster BKA Webinars

Ulster Beekeepers Association ran a series of superb webinars in January and February 2022.

1 So you want to be a confident beekeeper         Celia Davies

2 Produce a good nuc and use it well                     Randy Oliver

3 Bee viruses past, present and future                   Prof Robert Paxton

4 The swarm: reproduction at colony level           Prof Jamie Ellis

5 Queen rearing for the small producer                 Randy Oliver

6 Silent Earth                                                               Prof Dave Goulson

7 A year in the life of a honeybee colony               Prof Jamie Ellis

eLearning now live on National Bee Unit website

An eLearning programme for beekeepers is now live and ready for use on the NBU website.

The first module ‘Honey Bee Pests, Diseases and Viruses’ covers six main topics; Exotic Threats, Foulbrood, Varroa, Adult Bee Diseases and Viruses, Other Brood Disorders and Other Pests. The aim of the module is to provide you with a good understanding of the issues that might affect colony health.

You can access this free and exciting platform, by logging into BeeBase where you will find an eLearning link to the left hand side of the navigation panel. When clicking on this, you will be re-directed to the eLearning platform where you can access the content. It will be available on most mobile devices and tablets, although you will need to make sure that your web browser is up to date, otherwise you may experience compatibility issues with some of the content.